Friday, January 8, 2010

El Mangera!!


Sorry I have not been posting for a while, but they have us very busy!!! So they typical week looks like this...wake up at 6:30 and then class starts at 8:30 we have a breakfast break and lunch break and then we are done with spanish around 1 and then the nutrition starts! it has been fun because we use the kitchen at Conversa and we learn how to cook spanish food! So dont worry i will be cooking some for you when i get home! Spanish has been going well, we basically just try to hold all conversations is spanish no english allowed...haha very difficult! I went on a hike the other day and it was beautiful scenery. I love being surrounded by all the mountains and beautiful plants! It is truly a special place and I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure! After class on wed, we had a dance class and learned the mangera (sp)! it was so much fun we had all the guys and girls paired up and just danced for an hour! It is similar to the salsa, but a little different and at the end we all made a circle and each couple had to do a performance for everyone! ha it was very entertaining and a great work out! I told my family that we had taken dance classes and so now they insist that we practice every night! So Christina and I actually learned the salsa too! Our sisters Mary and Maria taught us how to do it! The past two days we have cleared the tables in the living room and made a nice dance floor! We danced for an hour last night! Its amazing that even though we cannot speak each others languages we are still able to just be GIRLS and laugh and have a good time being silly! So after they taught us, we wanted to teach them a few American moves which consited of the skanky leg and pop lock and drop it! ha. We turned some snoop dog on and started doing pop lock and drop it with them....very funny! We had such a great time!

Also, on wed night we took a bus into san jose and went to the multi plaza which is thier mall! It was huge, three stories and just very American. I actually had quiznos for dinner...I was craving some American food! We just walked around the mall for a couple hours and it kind of made us feel like we were back in the states for a little bit!

Today, the nutrition class gets a little break since we do spanish and nutrition everyday. So we dont have classs on Friday, I am about to go lay by the pool and soak up some of the Costa Rican sun! Around 2 today we are leaving for Monwell Antonio, which is the beach! A group of 15 of us are going and staying at a hotel and just relax!

I miss you all very much, and appreciate your little posts and many e-mails! It amazes me how we can all still communicate so well even though we are so far away from each other! Hope you have great weekend and that you dont freeze! Stay warm!!

love you all!

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