Monday, January 4, 2010

hey everyone! well it has been my first couple of days in Costa Rica. And i have been loving every moment of it. Christina and i are living in the same house and when we first arrived it was kina of awkward with the host family because we could not speak each others language. little did we know...that our madre is a professor at Conversa where we are taking classes!! So she speaks more Enlglish that she told us. haha. She did that on purpose because she wants us to learn so she is teaching 4 kids from samford everday! This past weekend we went to the volcanos and rainforest. It was sad because it was very foggy when we went to the volcanos so we could not see much and it was very cold because it was so high up! The rainforest was amazing! We did the canopy and consisted of 10 lines so it took about 2 hours. we are all harnessed up the whole time, but then we clip on and clip off to go on the other lines. mom you would have died because we had to climb several ladders and they are so high up basically we are 60 ft and higher in the air the whole time!!! i enjoyed it alot because it was a very pretty view and i just love being in nature as you all know! The food has been really good and i have not gotten sick thank goodness! oh and just so you know christina and i have our own rooms, mine is small with a single bed, but we have been talking to our classmates and we have one of the nicest houses! probably because our mom is a professor! The house is very clean and organized! we are blessed to be in this house! We have two sisters that live here with us, but they speak no english. She cooks us breakfast and dinner every night! Today was our first day at school. We woke up and ate breakfast at 7 which consisted of mango ( mom you would love it) and pan (bread). AND CAFE! i drink coffee about 3 times a day haha. Conversa is about 10 minutes from santa ana, so not far! The school is up in the mountains, cori the scenery looks like the orphange that we went too in jamaica in the mountains! So it is beautiful, there is a pool and trails for us to walk on! So i am excited to explore. We are all split up into different classes depending on how well we speak spanish so of course i am in beginner. But there are no classes bigger than 4 so it is great learning. My professors name is Ronald! We learn in classrooms that are very small the size of a bathroom. just a table and board inside it, but its very airy so it seems like you are outisde. So we have 2 hours of class and then a second breakfast at 10: 30 and then 2 hours of class and then lunch! Then we are done for the day...we have the options of dance class, yoga etc. But the nutrition class will be cooking and visiting farms and stuff. So today we went to grocery stores and learned about the foods and fruit. So its a long day i go until 6 and then go home. We eat dinner about 7: 30 so very soon! She is cooking it right now and its her birthday! So christina and i went to a bakery and bought her a cake! so we are having a fiesta tonight! i also have to do some homework too, but i am excited to do it because i am really enjoying the spanish and hope to continue it down the road! The whole samford group is great and i love getting to meet new people and all from different grades! Already see potential friendships coming out of this trip. i wish you all could be here to experience this with me. costa rica is so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for your prayers, please pray that i will not be tired from the long days, but keep a positive attitude. you all are in my prayers everyday and i miss you! coco i hope you like this blog! haha. Lastly one of the students with us has a beach house in costa rica so we are hoping to stay there this weekend which saves alot of money and it will be fun to hang with everyone! not sure what the plans will be though...could change.

i love you all and miss you! Take care,


  1. sounds like a wonderful time. hope it continues to go well! i'm praying for yall! how's steph? Tell Christina I said hi

  2. Frances!!! Thanks for your post, I am sitting here with steph and she is doing great we are all enjoying costa rica!! It so nice and warm. I think you are leaving soon! Safe travels love you! Miss you little!

  3. oh Erin, you are awesome! mom and i just read your blog...great job! thanks for updating us :) it sounds so amazing. i cant imagine how fun and beautiful it must have been to glide through the canopy! so glad you're enjoying the food...thought you would lots of bread and fruit...your fav! we ate the same thing for breakfast in the DR, withs lots of cafe...all day long. please take tons of pics. and remember to BE THERE. we are praying for you and definitely see prayers answered through your english-speaking mother and clean house! you are such a blessing...lots and lots of love.

    oh, and going to the beach house. can i fly down to join you?? ha. sooooo cool!!

    love you, cbaby

    p.s. im going to email the fam again with your blog website, because everyone is having a difficult time finding it. oh dear!
    MISS YOU and have a great day!!! xoxo

  4. something special from the good Lord to you:
    "God is in us so powerful and plentiful that His love overflows from us to bring joy to others."
    2 Cor. 7:4

    we love you!!

    from yo mama!

  5. Ha! We are in two different worlds right now. You're zip-lining through jungles while I'm walking through the congested city of Hong Kong. What a cool thing though, Keep blogging

  6. I am so jealous that you got to do a canopy zipline tour! I have always wanted to do that! I'm happy you're having a great time and that your hosts and class are great.