Sunday, January 10, 2010

kissed by the sun!

hello everyone!

i just got back from the beach tonight, it was fantastic and so beautiful!! We left Friday afternoon, it was a 5 hour bus ride and many people got sick because of the roads! But we finally got there around dinner time. When we pulled up to the hotel we were all amazed at how nice it was! We were thinking we would be in a normal hotel, but we were wrong! There were little bungalow rooms placed all over the jungle! i felt like i was living with tarzan and jane! ha. our room was very nice, with dark wood and a gorgeous view! we walked out of our room and overlooked the jungle and the the ocean! So the sunsets were amazing! Friday night we got dressed up and went to this reastuarnt called "el avion" i think that is how you spell plane in spanish! ha not sure. Anyways, the restaurant was shaped like a plan and was lifted up into the is hard to explain, but we were up high and surrounded by large trees, so it seemed like you were in the jungle! The food was great and we actually had a sloth swinging in the trees next to us during dinner! After dinner, we walked around town for a little bit and then hit the bed ready for a nice day at the beach! We woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel. of course, i had french toast and it was so yummy with fresh fruit! Then we were off to manuel antonio national park (beach). We got on a bus and then they dropped us at the enterance to the park and then we had a 30 minute walk through the rainforest to get to the beach! we were all very sweaty because it was around 90 degrees and humid! But the scenery was beautiful and we were able to see many animals on our walk! We finally got to the beach and went straight into the ocean because we were so hott! I actually had to sit in the shade the whole day because it was dripping sweat in about 3 minutes, so i moved to the shade. But we were all able to walk the beach and climb over rocks to get to other beaches! We left the beach around 4 and went back to the hotel to take showers! i actually felt really sick all saturday night. We went to another restaurant, but i was not able to eat much because i felt so sick. i think it was either the water i was drinking or the sun, but steph and i ended up leaving everyone and going back to the hotel to go to bed around 9:30 ha! But if felt so good. i woke up sunday morning well rested! We spent today at the hotel pool that overlooked a gorgeous view of the ocean. We saw people parasailing, jet skiing, and kyaking. it was glorious and we all were just in awe of how the lord designed such a breath taking scenery. God is such a creative artist!!!

It was a long trip home, but so worth being able to relax at the beach and soak in the hott sun rays! i thankfully did not get fried! And our whole samford group on this trip is so fun! we are all getting along so well and it has been so fun to meet new friends! i feel very blessed! We start school again tomorrow...5 hours of spanish class tomorrow :)! Hopefully it will go by fast!

i miss you all and cant wait to show you pictures...and we say so many monkeys swinging through the trees, it was amazing!

hope you all are doing well! love you!


  1. Man,you're living the life >< It sounds like your enjoying yourself and I'm very glad you're on that trip living your dreams. I'm still prayin for you. Learn alot and be safe, see you in half a year :D

  2. hello lovey,
    wawaweewahhhhh! that sounds soooooooooooooo awesome! ooooooooooooo yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! all y'll just sound like youre having a ball. yes "avion" is a plane- im proud of all your spanish skills! what a great idea for a restaurant. was it kind of like eating in a plane that had crashed into the trees? sounds so cool. i cant imagine how beautiful the sunsets must be. please take pictures, and i cant wait to see all the monkeys! the little bungalows (sp?) sound so elegant with all the mahogany wood. our favorite!!! i hope youre feeling better from sat. night...glad you had steph with you. give the girls a little hi for me...thinking of you all! have a great week- ill be praying for some strength and motivation to keep on learning and studying that spanish! i love you sooooo much!!

    xo, C

    p.s. you would be a good jane :)

  3. Thanks Corinne I would love to be Jane!!!